‘Vorobyi village’

The village is located on an island called Bolshoi Klemenetskiy, which is by far the biggest island out of those close to Kizhi national park. The village is very small, it only has 9 houses, and none of them are used on a permanent basis.

The village could only be accessed by boat. There are no shops, no roads around it, only tiny pathways in between the houses barely seen in the tall grass. Every house has just a small ramp leading to the pier (private one) with boat(s), and despite the fact that the houses are no further than 50 meters away from each other, there are no paths connecting them.
There is a small church in the village, a part of Kizhi national park. It's open only one day a year, 27 of July, on Kirik and Iulita day, behind the name of which the church was built. Otherwise it's closed the whole year.