How can narratives be a starting point to engage multiple voices in reconstructing the human-landscape relationship? In looking at complex and diverse systems like (inhabited) landscapes we easily resort to utilitarian approaches and methods of big data. Through the research project ‘What Do Landscapes Say?’, Nomaos suggests a methodological innovation in the archiving and narrating of landscapes. Presenting these outcomes in the confined space of the exhibition, the question still remained: how do we transfer the methods of observing and narrating across disciplinary fields and enter the discourse of territorial design and planning?

For this seminar Nomaos invited eight speakers to join us in a dialogue around the use of narratives as a way to acquire and transmute knowledge about the human-landscape relationship. Across three chapters, ‘Human-Landscape Relationship’, ‘Landscape-Narratives Relationship’ and ‘Non-Human Narratives’, speakers will introduce their practice and engage in conversation with Nomaos members in exploring this question.

The symposium aims to put the individual lines of thinking, that have been put forward in the preceding research project, into the larger discourse consisting of the overlap between Art, Cultural Theory, Social studies, Urbanism, and Architectural theory.

Research collective Nomaos is a collaboration of Rachel Bacon, Naomi van Dijck, Ksenia Kopalova, Nataly Lakhtina, Maria Malkova, Yue Mao, Vera Mennens, Radha Smith, and Polina Veidenbakh.
The project ‘What Do Landscapes Say?’ is made possible by Creative Industries Fund NL, the seminar is co-hosted with MARCH Institute, Moscow and Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam.

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