‘Panic Time’ 

1) Photograph of geologist from Alrosa website, http://eng.alrosa.ru/operations/geological-complex/
2) Drunken forest, photographer Gabriela Nováková, https://novakovagabriela-photo.webnode.cz/album/aljaska-a-kanada/alaska-178-jpg/
3) Forest fires in Siberia, photographer Danil Barashkov, https://siberiantimes.com/other/others/news/new-video-shows-scale-of-darkness-when-dayturnedto-night-and-gulls-died-in-yakutia/

The so-called “drunken forests” are a result of the melting permafrost, that leaves the trees without support for their roots, so they tilt over as if intoxicated. It goes too far to lay the blame for global warming at the feet of geologists. And the damage done by diamond mining itself, except for the emissions it generates through the industrial excavations and associated enterprise, is not comparable to that wrought by fossil fuel extraction. It also goes too far to blame the diamond industry for the permafrost melt and forest fires currently ravaging Siberia. Even so, in the larger scheme of things, geologists are fundamental in facilitating and enabling the excavation activities that are so incredibly damaging to our living world. This is a great contradiction, as many geologists are themselves lovers of the landscape and of the natural environment – they can also be extremely adventurous, as they make it to isolated areas of exceptional wildness.