‘Who is the creator?’ 

Work "Who is the creator?" involves visitors in the process of changing the visual behavior of the work. As the natural wind and water currents gradually form the environment of the Kizhi island in a soft but persistent way, as well as the movement of visitors affects the behavior and movement of particles. Sound is like a water stream, it captures a person, envelopes, and the longer its influence, the stronger the immersion in intimate listening. In the installation space, the visitor enters into a dialogue with the landscape through digital technology. Thus, the perception of space, the natural world, sound, and visual effects are transformed.

The particle behavior algorithm is based on the specifics of natural phenomena and natural processes of the island. Elements that form visual content include wind currents, bird flight paths, distance paths, and winding roads of the island.

The soundscape accompanying the video projection is based on the island's biophonic and geophonic sounds, which combined with synthesized sound create a unique “acoustic” pattern.