‘Mockups 1’

I’ve made the first mockups of the garden signs responding to each location and have tested different kind of placement. Not that I intend to place them outdoors, but I was interested how an image of a garden would work when displaced and put outside of its context, so I’ve tried various options in the city: in a city garden, by a pathway, by a road, in a flowerbed etc

Even though I haven’t encountered any objections or even interest in what I was doing from people around (unlike some of my previous experiences with outdoor projects), it was interesting to observe my own feelings: some of these spots were definitely more uncomfortable to test. For instance, with gardens by the entrance to an apartment block (these are usually personal initiatives of people living in the house, especially if they live on the first floor), it definitely felt like violating the rules and entering somebody’s private territory. Moreover, the very act of putting a sign by a flowerbed that was kept by probably-some-elderly-lady-from-the-firstfloor-apartment felt like appropriating the landscape, almost like stealing it, taking outside of its context. One of the spots was a bunch of flowerbeds made of old tyres, surrounded by thick bushes. It felt safer there as it was easier to feel like I’m the person who takes care of this garden, not some sort of a vandal breaking into it.