‘What Do Landscapes Say?’ explores the ways in which art and critical artistic research might inform the development of diverse urban environments through looking at landscapes.

Whether we quantify and confine our environment in shaping it to our will, leave it to its natural processes, or flatten and exploit it to satisfy our needs, our approach to the landscape trickles down into the development of the cities we inhabit, the industries we work in, and the societies in which we live.

The categorising frames which dominate approaches to inclusivity are often at odds with the true diversity of an environment, making it questionable whether we can ever come to really know a place through suc methods of generalisation. The art of noticing and retelling relevant details outside such common frameworks can become a valuable resource in learning something about diversity. The art of noticing and reflectin relevant details outside such common frameworks can be a valuable resource for learning about diversity. Through various media, Nomaos probes questions such as: Do the designs of specific public structures reinforce the socio-economic divide between large cities and the periphery? In what ways are 'natural' landscapes re-arranged to represent a certain identity?

Research collective Nomaos is a cross-disciplinary group of architects, artists, illustrators, designers, urbanists and writers who, in their individual practices or as part of their respective backgrounds, navigate disciplines as divergent as geology and sociology, mathematics and history. In their method of working, the encounter with the landscape is a form of collaboration – just as in artistic expression where disciplines, identities and idea meet and form a collaboration. Throughout a one-year research period, Nomaos sought out encounters with places both in Russia and the Netherlands. Rich in boundless stretches of land, Russia's landscape may on the surface look nothing like that
of the Netherlands, where every inch of the environment is optimized. Yet individual stories can uncover those areas where utilitarian approaches to these vastly different landscapes share a common ground.

‘What Do Landscapes Say?’ is made possible by Creative Industries Fund NL, Mondriaan Fund and Stroom; final exhibitions are held in Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam and Na Peschanoy Gallery, Moscow.

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