‘Cemetery 1’

Cemetery is another obsession I have with Vyborg, connected to my obsession of Vyborg. As a battlefield of border conflicts, the city is covered with more than 100 cemeteries (hearsay, cannot confirm). Among them the first one I went to was Ristimäk, a tiny unknown in memory of the Finnish Reds who lost their lives in the 1918 civil war.
During the war, while the Finnish White were winning, proper burial of the Finnish Red was not allowed, therefore not remembered with anything physically. This cemetery was a private initiative from a Finnish descendants in the 1960s. One lady was visiting here on her own, looking like a tourist. Not sure if she’s one of those who still feel nostalgic about the loss of Vyborg to Finland.

More please see in Places of Memory in the Red Vyborg of 1918 by Outi Fingerroos link